The evolution of this line of products has enabled Dunlop Argentina to satisfy the industrial and automotive market needs, supplying power transmission products from classical V-Belts, to the latest technology products such as Poly V and Timing belts.


Classic V- Belts (wrapped)
Classic V-Belts (cogged)
V-Ribbed Belts


Endless Flat Belts


Raw edge V-Belts
Poly-V Belts (banded)
– CROSS SECTION “K”. Belts for the latest generation of engines that allow a considerable space reduction in the transmission system, pulleys of smaller diameters, high speed and a balanced load distribution.  The number of V-grooves on the belt varies according to the application (normally from 3 to 8).
Timing Belts
– This line of belts grants high precision to the transmission system due to its structure, raw materials, production system and quality. Its transmission properties are similar to those of chains and gearwheels but as it does not have metal contact, it avoids noise and friction wear. Structurally, It is made of glass cord thus it has a high tensile strength, fatigue resistance and zero elongation. Timing belts cogs are made of special rubber compounds, covered with nylon fabric that due to special treatment are rendered self-lubricating.