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Quality Policy

Our policy is to satisfy the requirements and expectations of customers, through the delivery of industrial rubber products with the highest quality. In accordance with international standards of management and products, we aim to be a leader in the business world.

We believe that product quality and customer service reflect the Organization. As a result, we are committed to a process of continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.

Health and Safety Regulations

  1. Dunlop Argentina’s Health and Safety Regulations are intended to every sector of the Company.
  2. Accidents at work and occupational diseases are avoidable by prevention and awareness measures from all who are part of the Company.
  3. All levels of the organization are responsible to promote good health and safety conditions in the plant.
  4. Higher levels are directly responsible for the health and security of the personnel under their charge at workplace.
  5. Our company offers the means, human and technical resources to comply with the requirements aiming at the effective performance of the system implemented.
  6. The person in charge of Health and Safety has the responsibility and full authority for the preparation, maintenance and review of the security conditions in the organization.
  7. This Standard and the procedures that may result from it are a condition of employment, therefore, it is mandatory to all members of the company to respect and enforce it.
  8. Our Safety and Health Department must comply with the requirements of the National Labor Risk Superintendence. It is focused on Continuous Improvement.
  9. The Company is committed to providing all workers with the necessary training so that they can carry out their tasks with minimal risk and can take part in the realization of the objectives. For this, each management must determine the training needs of its personnel, being the Human Resources Management responsible for carrying out the training.