Conveyor belts is one of our traditional line of products. It is a very important business unit for us. Years of experience and permanence in the market, make up for a history of continuous development and service for:
· Industry.
· Agriculture.
· Mining.
· Special applications.

High efficiency and quality satisfy our customers’ requirements. Dunlop Argentina S.A.  leads the production and supply of conveyor belts in Argentina. Our years of experience in the production of this product help optimising systems to convey materials.


Within this range of conveyor belts with fabric reinforcement (polyester/nylon or nylon/nylon) we offer the following products:

Cover: RMA grade I y II

– General uses and conveyance of slightly abrasive materials, like: salt, clay, lime, rolling stone, earth, chipped wood, peat, etc.
– To convey abrasive materials under any conditions of service, such as: limestone, clinker, quarry stones, coal, grinded stone, coke, etc. coke, etc.
– Highly resistant to abrasion and severe working conditions, particularly indicated for conveying highly abrasive materials such as: quartz, pyrites, iron, granite, glass, quarry stones, etc.
Lemafer without cover
– Coverless conveyor belt apt for conveying packed materials like: sacks, cardboard boxes, tins, wooden boxes, bundles, etc. Also for bucket elevator.


Within this range of conveyor belts with fabric reinforcement (polyester/nylon or nylon/nylon) we offer the following products:

– To convey hot and oily materials in moderate working conditions, used mainly for: coal treated with oil, dross, asphalt, oily materials in general, etc.
Pirofer RB
– Developed to convey very hot and highly abrasive materials, it has a cover specially formulated for an excellent performance with: coke coal, clinker and siderurgical materials.
Pirofer RBN
– Specially designed to convey hot materials and where high resistance to abrasion is required, normally for: clinker, coke, foundry sand and ceramics.
– Made with special compounds, the cover of this belt offers an excellent performance for conveying products containing vegetable oil, animal fat or mineral oil. Its antistatic condition makes it apt to convey oleaginous grains, parts embedded in oil and any other conveyance in an environment under the danger of fire due to static discharge. It is manufactured following DIN 22104 and ISO N284 international standards.
– Specially developed to be used under very severe conditions of service where resistance to oils and temperature plus antistatic resistance are required.  Made under DIN 22104 and ISO N284 international standards.
Pirofer Antiflam “S”
– Its excellent resistance to abrasion, to oils and its antistatic and flame resistance comply with the international regulations of safety to work in silos and in ports to convey grain in bulk. DIN 22103, DIN 22104 and ISO N340/N284.


Within this range of conveyor belts with fabric reinforcement (polyester/nylon or nylon/nylon) we offer the following products:

– The formula of its rubber compounds, its white colour and its excellent resistance to animal fat and vegetable oil make it apt to the conveyance of food, being best suitable for cold-storage plants, sugar mills, fish processing plants, etc.
– Developed with rubber and PVC compounds, it is ideal for conveyors using small diameter pulleys. Its excellent resistance to vegetable oils and animal fat make it apt for the conveyance of a vast range of products in the food industry.
– Corrugated cover, it is ideal for conveying sacks, boxes and packages. Anti-abrasive cover, good resistance to tearing and adverse environmental factors. Maximum slope of 35° for steep conveyance.
Agricultural Belts
– Especially designed to be used with fodder roll balers.
Grifer S12
– The loading area provided with fishbones sticks Grifer S 12 type enables the conveyance of lump materials with slopes varying between 30° and 40°, such as carbon, sand, gravel, coke, pit coal, quarry soil, bricks, etc., or materials such as cement, sugar, flour, coffee or cereals. The characteristics of the rubber compound of the cover make it extremely resistant to abrasion and cutting.


Especial industrial and agricultural applications. No cover. Variable number of fabric layers according to requirement or application. Cotton/polyester fabric

Flat belts
– They are widely used in agricultural machinery, as well as for power transmission in general industrial use.  They are made with cotton/polyester and nylon/nylon fabric, and a variable number of fabric layers according to application.